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Life insurance policy can provide cash for treatment in case of terminal illness and disability or chronic illness.

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Funeral InsuranceA Funeral insurance is life insurance that covers basic funeral final expenses.


When it comes to pay off mortgage before 30 years, you pay more in short time. But, if a homeowner dies before paying off loan fully, foreclosure may occur. If a homeowner have life insurance equal to the amount of loan balance, his/her family may be able to pay off loan and stay warm in the same home. Listen to record: Dial In 712-775-7029 Access code 651-131-312, press # to play recorded file.

Retirement !

Ask yourself the following questions: Do I need the income to last the entire lifetime? Are the income payments supplementing Social Security benefits and/or qualified plan benefits? Will I rely on this income to pay monthly bills? Does I anticipate any changes to the amount of income needed? Do I wish to leave any unused income to a beneficiary? How important is this goal? How much risk am I willing to tolerate? Am I concerned about leaving enough money to a surviving spouse? Is this income discretionary? Is it being used to maintain a particular lifestyle?

Care for Life

Paul Maloney never thought that he could have cancer because he never smoked, and he was a professional athlete. Watch his you tube video of what he and his family thinks about preparing for the worst time that they never thought, and how they over come with the help of their life insurance policy. Their life insurance policy had a provision that provides cash for treatment in case of terminal illness. This is an opportunity for today's healthy person to be prepared for the time that they do not expect to happen. We will feel lucky if we have some kind of plan, and we do not have to use plan, and we keep remain healthy for through out our life.