Know Your Agent

A message from the Agent While serving New York Life, my articles written on insurance were published in New York City local newspapers. The following articles titled as mortgage protection and funeral insurance became very popular in both online and printed media. Mortgage protection: I have noticed that homeowners are at risk of foreclosure since the beginning of loan closure. What if the […]

Selecting the Appropriate Key Person Insurance in New York

Business owners in America are well aware of the fact that a “Key Person” is the soul of any business. A “Key Person” could be the owner him/herself or any trusted employee of the respective company. This person usually holds a significant position in the business. Thus, the death of such a person can bring […]

A chronic illness that requires long-term care

A chronic illness that requires long-term care is perhaps the biggest event many retirees worry about facing—and paying for. For many people, this concern is a key motivator in building as large a retirement nest egg as possible, given that a year’s stay in a private nursing home room currently costs around $91,000, on average. […]


PRIVACY POLICY LAST UPDATED ON JULY 10, 2016. MUSLIM FUNERAL 24/7 (“NASIRULLAH, Inc.”, “MF24/7”, “NINC”, “we”, “us” or “our”) values your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information. NASIRULLAH, Inc. is an insurance broker office that markets funeral insurance and finances funerals (“Services”) to its members. This Privacy Policy describes how and when […]


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