Due to advances in medicine and science, Americans are living longer than ever before. In fact, the average life expectancy in the United States recently reached an all-time high of 78.8 years. But,


# Guns are now killing as many people as cars in the U.S (The Washington Post,12/17/2015).
# The death rate in the U.S. ticked up for the first time in a decade even … Deaths due to firearms, drug overdoses, accidental injuries, suicides… (Fortune.com, 06/01/2016)
# U.S. accidental death rate climbing (NBCNews, 06/07/2016)

Life insurance could play important role to protect financial future of a vulnerable family or institute.

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Government is there to take care funeral?

The Human Resources Administration (HRA) will provide financial assistance to individuals in need of assistance to meet funeral expenses. These funds are available when an indigent resident of New York City dies who may have been in receipt of Supplement Security Income (SSI), Cash Assistance (CA), or leaves no funds to cover his or her burial expenses, and there are no Legally-Responsible Relatives (LRR) able to pay the funeral expenses.

How much funeral expense is covered by NYC HRA?

1. HRA will pay up to $900 towards burial expenses, but total burial expenses must be no more than $1,700. The cost of cremation or grave and grave opening charges are excluded, however, the cost of burying the ashes, after cremation is not excludable in calculating the $1,700 total cost. If the total funeral bill exceeds the amount of $1,700, HRA will make no payment.

2. Any asset (whether or not previously assigned to HRA), that was available to the deceased or any amount that a LRR (e.g., a spouse or parent of a minor child) may have had on the Date of Death (DOD) is deemed available, and any amount paid or to be paid by any other source, will be subtracted from the $900 payment if the claim is determined eligible for payment. Any assets or resources left by the decedent on the date of death will be subtracted from the $900, if the claim is otherwise determined to be eligible.

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