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60 East 42nd Street, Suite 1050, New York, NY
60 East 42nd Street, Suite 1050, New York, NY

So, what is funeral insurance fund?

Funeral Insurance Fund:
It is a system that splits deposited money into funeral fund and funeral insurance.
Example: Rahim promised to deposit $50 every month in funeral insurance fund. $30 in funeral fund, and $20 in funeral insurance of $10,000 benefit. How much there will be for his funeral if he dies after 5 years? $11,800. If his funeral costs $7800, what will happen to the rest of the money? The rest of the money ($4000) can be used for funeral of un-insurable people or give away to the family of the diseased.

Health condition should be no matter in participating burial insurance plan through this funeral insurance fund.
– It covers necessary burial, and funeral expenses.
– It may insure that your yearly income will continue even after death if designed properly.
– It provides opportunity for churches or mosques to receive charitable giving if designed properly.
– Participate in funeral insurance fund today.
– Keep this fund passing generation to generation.

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